Who is PregActive?

PregActive is the leader in Prenatal & Postnatal Education for Wellness Professionals!

PregActive is a continuing health education and training company for prenatal fitness & wellness professionals.

PregActive was originally founded in 2013 when we started delivering in-studio prenatal and postnatal exercise classes.

Since then, PregActive has become the respected leader in prenatal and postnatal exercise thousands of people visiting our websites daily, attending PregActive classes, participating in our online programs, actively reading our online magazines and visiting PregActiveLearn.com

Expert Team of¬†PregActive Pro’s

PregActive has built a highly respected team of PregActive Pros who strive to deliver safe and effective exercises to all pregnant women and new mothers.

The need to grow our team was inspired by the high demand of our classes and women from around the world wanting access to The PregActive Method.

We soon received over-whelming support to create our online Prenatal & Postnatal Education programs for Wellness Professionals.

While our online PregActive LEARN courses do not provide participants with our PregActive Pro Accreditation, they do provide successful students with a Certificate as a Prenatal Exercise Specialist.

Online Programs for Pregnant Women and New Mothers

In 2015, PregActive expanded its online course offerings with our online prenatal exercise program for all pregnant women.

Our online post-pregnancy program soon followed and is now used by women throughout the world.

We are proud of how our ins-studio and online programs are improving the health and well-being of all women.

The amazing testimonials and feedback we receive is what drives us.

The PregActive family is growing fast. And now you have the opportunity to gain your certification as a Functional Prenatal Exercise Specialist.